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Non-invasive Density Meters
for mineral processing and
other difficult applications
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Ultimo’s Percussion Technology provides the means to measure critical in-process parameters non-invasively.

The Ultimo Density Meter uses Ultimo’s Percussion Technology for high precision, high accuracy process material density measurements.

The Ultimo Density Meter was developed by a team of dedicated experts, fine-tuned with input from some of the leading process control instrumentation companies, and field tested on five continents.

The Ultimo Density Meter is simple to install and can be used almost anywhere along the process stream.
what customer experts are saying about our technology:

“We have been looking for this for a long, long time.  This is really neat.”

“..with this I can get rid of all our Nuclear meters."

"...just like nuclear.

The Ultimo Density Meter requires no bypass systems and no down time to maintain or replace failed invasive density meters. The Ultimo Density Meter eliminates the need for heavily regulated nuclear radiation and allows a processing facility to extend its optimization strategy throughout the plant.  

A description of the Ultimo Density Meter’s advanced features may be found on the Product Data Sheet on the Information Page.

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