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Here you will learn about our Percussion technology and its ability to non-invasively make high precision, high accuracy inline measurements of the density or viscosity of virtually any material.   Percussion technology is especially useful for slurries and other materials that are problematic for most other density or viscosity meters. 

Process manufacturers no longer have to resort to nuclear radiation or other compromises such as by-pass systems or invasive probes.   In addition to being easier and less costly to install and use, our Percussion technology allows a plant to deploy this solution just about anywhere in the process stream.  

Our Density & Viscosity Meter ("DVM") Model V4.0 can be installed, without interrupting production, in minutes on pipes as narrow as two (2") inches as well as on most other vessels.  Maintenance is zero and there is no risk of clogging, leaks or pressure loss.  

what experts are saying about our technology:

“We have been looking for this for a long, long time.  This is really neat.”

“..with this I can get rid of all our Nuclear meters."

“The sensitivity in the Aerosil is remarkable”.

Check out our DVM Product Data Sheet on the Information Page and learn about a host of advanced features that are standard with the DVM.  A key measurement in Process Optimization strategy is now available.

Please feel free to contact us directly and or go to our CONTACT ULTIMO RESELLERS page and see if you have a Reseller in your country or region.          











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